Book a chauffeur for your back to back meetings

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Book a chauffeur for your back to back meetings

back to back meetings

Back to Back meetings are covered

Busy people need to get organised. And, if you have a great support team, you can often get a lot done, including making your back to back meetings.

For example, if you need to get to see a lot of people all at once, then it is possible to arrange back to back meetings around London or around the UK. A highly focused and targeted day can yield a massive result.

This is true, whether you need to promote a new product or service; update key customer accounts on changes within your organisation; or prepare for a flotation or IPO, seeing which financial organisations, merchant banks and advisers to ensure they are aware of your opportunity. Back to back meetings will also yield great results, if you are leading a political campaign that requires getting a message out to a large number of people, quickly.

In business, the day of meetings will also come into play, if you work in an international organisation. A senior executive from the USA or Asia may be visiting the UK and could need to be shown around your organisation’s key sites and meet teams at various operational sites. Whether they are one of your company’s senior team, or a key customer or prospect, you will want to look after them in the same way, treating them well with a five-star hotel and ensuring they are transported in comfort and style.

Anyone planning a day of back to back meetings will do well to consult with a professional chauffeur company. You can pre-book your vehicle, to suit the number of individuals who will need to be moved. And in liaison with an administrative team, meetings can be arranged in the diary so that travelling time is minimised and used most effectively.

Well planned back to back meetings

A well-planned itinerary will ensure you get the most out of the meetings that are arranged. And by using a chauffeur car, the time between meetings is also effective working time, useful for making phone calls, checking up on emails, briefing one another on an upcoming contact you are about to meet, or carrying out a debrief and planning follow-up actions, from the meeting that has just been concluded.

The chauffeur service is equally useful if all you day’s meeting are in central London. You have no need to think about hailing and waiting for taxis, no need to worry about getting wet standing on a street corner, and no concerns about finding space to park.

Your vehicle will be ready for you, when scheduled, and if circumstances change and you need to amend the arrangements, that is normally easily accommodated if necessary.

Arrive stress-free

Using a chauffeur driven car will save no end of time and stress, making for a far more productive day.

Your chauffeur can pick you up from an airport, a hotel where you are staying, your home in the Home Counties, or a major rail station if you come into central London by that method.

So, next time you need to get around a long list of meetings, don’t stress about how to make most effective use of your time, simply call us today on 020 8732 5599 or you can book your London chauffeur or get a quote. You’ll certainly not be disappointed when riding in one of our luxurious chauffeur driven vehicles – and you’ll be guaranteed to make an impression that few will forget!

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