Why choose a chauffeur company over a minicab

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Why choose a chauffeur company over a minicab

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There are plenty of ways of finding your own personal transport, when you need to get about quickly in and around the city. But before you set off, consider which one will suit your needs best – you don’t always get what you expect! Unlike when you book a chauffeur with your trusted London chauffeur company.

Most city authorities licence a variety of taxis and minicabs. Often, and notably in the UK, there is a differentiation between those you can flag down on the street, or that wait at a taxi rank – such as London’s famous black cabs – and those that need to be pre-booked. Taxis that can be hailed on demand often carry an official light on the roof, and in many cities are identified by some sort of special colour or design.

Pre-booked cars come a wide variety of types, sizes and qualities, despite the fact that they are often registered under the same council licencing system. Traditionally, pre-booking meant making a phone call to request a car, or dropping into a minicab office; nowadays it can also mean making a request via a smartphone app.

Your pre-booked car could be anything from a rattly, smoky old diesel car, more than a decade old, to a new executive vehicle, and there will be a cost difference between the two. In theory, the cars and drivers have been checked and inspected on a regular basis. But, with cutbacks in local authority funding, many councils no longer have the staff to adequately monitor the quality of drivers and cars, leaving a situation where unscrupulous operators may cut corners, used drivers who are not up to standard, and send out vehicles that should not really be on the road.

Apart from worries over the quality of the vehicle you may order to carry you, there are also issues around driver quality. The arrival of satnavs means everybody thinks they can find their way from one place to another. But only experienced drivers, who have a good knowledge of their area, can successfully and safely negotiate their way around. Satnavs are famous for sending vehicles down the wrong routes, into dead end roads and choosing the long way round, if incorrectly programmed.

So how do you ensure your transport is reliable, efficient and of the appropriate quality? Use a reputable chauffeur company, and you will be surprised that the cost is not much more than a cheaper, less reliable minicab service. You will travel in style and comfort in a clean luxury car, your London chauffeur has your comfort at heart, and who will drive intelligently to avoid snarl-ups and get you to your destination on time. Should you need to, you can contact your chauffeur directly at points during your time with them. And you can arrange payment when booking, thus leaving you with one less thing to think about when you arrive.

AA Chauffeurs are a London chauffeur company, call us today on 020 8732 5599 or you can Book your chauffeur or get a quote.

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