Book your executive chauffeur for this summer’s sporting events

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May 17, 2019
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Book your executive chauffeur for this summer’s sporting events

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How can you make the right impression, and ensure that business contacts get to know you well? One way is to invest in spending time with them outside of the office. Your executive chauffeur will always make sure this is time well spent.

In fact, entertaining clients at summer sporting events, such as tennis at Wimbledon, the Stella Artois tournament, golf tournaments and horse racing, is often a great investment.

Book your executive chauffeur driven transport to take clients to the 2019 summer sporting events.

It ensures time spent together away from the buzz of the office and the pressure of emails and phone calls. It can ensure you find common interests, and can create memories and special times that live on long in the memory. And those memories help oil the wheels of business.

As ever, cricket remains a popular summer sport to attend, and to entertain clients at, while there is also a growing number of more adventurous sporting events, such as cycle races, athletics and the ever-popular rugby championships later in the year.

One essential item to consider, when planning how to entertain clients at such events, is your transport.

Make it a more enjoyable event with AA Chauffeurs

Often you will be offering hospitality, with the drink flowing freely, so it is advisable to provide a chauffeur service of some sort, to ensure your guests can arrive and get home with the minimum of effort.

They will surely thank you for that, and it will reflect well on you.

A good chauffeur car service will be able to offer you a range of vehicles, depending on your needs.

If you are entertaining clients to polo, or a rural equestrian event, then perhaps it would be appropriate to request a Range Rover, as the most suitable vehicle in which to arrive.

Alternatively, if you want to make a significant impression, there are occasions when only a Rolls Royce will do!

You have a group of people to transport between two locations, then it may be that you opt for a people carrier such as an executive chauffeured Mercedes Vito, or perhaps an executive minibus.

Otherwise, you may consider that the logistics make it simpler if several chauffeur driven executive cars are provided, giving greater flexibility over when your guests decide to head for home.

Your executive chauffeur service can be entirely flexible, picking up your clients from their homes, or alternatively collecting them from a main rail station that is near the sporting event location.

You can decide how you would like to plan the transport, and your chauffeur company will provide the appropriate vehicles, with suitably experienced and attired drivers.

So, by all means get on the case, and book the all-important tickets. But make sure that you create a day which your guests will remember fondly, by ensuring the next thing you do, is book their luxury transport to and from the event.

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