London Chauffeur Hire for your visitors

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London Chauffeur Hire for your visitors

London Chauffeur Hire

Remember how daunting it can be, to turn up in a new city and try to work out your way around? It is especially challenging, if you have just stepped off an aircraft at the end of a long, perhaps overnight flight from Asia or the Americas. Think AA Chauffeurs London Chauffeur Hire for your international visitors.

When your body clock is telling you it is time for bed, you need to have your wits about you as you collect luggage, face the stern looks of immigration officials and fight your way through an airport terminal. And then there’s the challenge of sorting out the last stage of your journey, travelling from the airport to the place you are visiting, or your hotel.

Finally, many cities still have less than clear systems of payment for train tickets or taxi fares. That means there is the additional stressful element of having to worry about carrying local currency, and understanding local tipping conventions.

So here’s a great tip, to help out friends or business colleagues, who are coming into London for a visit. Provide them with a London chauffeur hire service from AA Chauffeurs, that can help make that last stage of their arrival so much more relaxing. They’ll be eternally grateful to you for the introduction, and for helping to make their travel arrangements more stress free.

With a London chauffeur it is possible to book ahead of arrival, removing the need to find a taxi or train station, on arrival at one of London’s busy airports such as Heathrow or Gatwick. Once your London chauffeur car is booked, its service includes tracking the client’s incoming flight, to manage any changes in timing should the flight arrive early, or late. The chauffeur can be relied on to arrive at the terminal building in good time, park close by, and meet their passenger inside the terminal building, usually at a pre-agreed meeting point in the arrivals hall.

The beauty of using a pre-arranged London chauffeur hire service means that it is a quick, easy process to get from the terminal into a luxury car, and on the move to the hotel or to an early meeting at a central London office. If the incoming visitor has a long day of meetings planned, then his chauffeur can stay with him, carrying him from one meeting to another and reducing the stress of travelling around a strange city.

A London chauffeur hire service will cost less than you think, and payment can be easily arranged using a credit card, either before arrival or after the completion of the trip. Everything about the service is designed to make travelling easier and more comfortable, which for incoming travellers visiting London, whether for the first time or not, is a welcome solution.

So never mind leaving your business colleagues looking for a taxi, help them to plan ahead and book a chauffeur car service, for a simpler and more relaxed way to travel.

Help your visitors find their way around London with the help of your London Chauffeur from AA Chauffeurs. Call us today on 020 8732 5599 or you can Book your chauffeur or get a quote.

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