Set up an account with your chauffeur company

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September 19, 2018
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Set up an account with your chauffeur company

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If you regularly need to use taxis to get around the city, or have clients and colleagues regularly visiting from overseas, why not consider setting up an account with a your chauffeur company?

As opposed to using taxis on demand, or minicabs, you can cut out a whole layer of travel hassle, as well as reducing the administration of expenses. And you will discover that a well-managed chauffeur company can make the life of staff and administrative team members much easier, lifting a burden that saves time and trouble.

Suppose you have regular visitors from overseas to your office. Whether they are clients, or colleagues, they will benefit from having a chauffeur collect them from the airport. Forget waiting in line, standing in a queue in cold, windy or wet weather while you wait for a taxi to pull up. Instead, your chauffeur will be waiting inside, in the arrivals hall, with a name board for the person they are going to collect. Having the flight information, they will be able to adjust their attendance to suit any early or late arrivals. And, if you have two or three people arriving at a similar time, or on the same flight, they can travel together, even if they need to be dropped off at different hotels.

Once you have a chauffeur company account, you will find other ways to improve your business efficiency, as well as convenience. For example, if colleagues are heading across the city, to a client meeting, they can use their time in the car to speak with one another, make confidential calls or attend to emails, without concern about the details of conversations being overheard. They will arrive ready for the meeting, with their strategy talked through and worked out.

If required, the same chauffeur and car can be reserved to collect them from a meeting, and take them to their next appointment. If items such as coats, briefcases and so on need to be left in the car, they can be with absolute assurance that they will be carefully looked after, in the meantime.

Unlike some city taxis, your chauffeur company will agree the costs of a journey in advance. Compare that with a London taxi, where the meter cost ticks up, for every minute you sit in a traffic jam; the taxi driver is earning money, even if he is standing still, so has little incentive to find a better route. Alternatively, a chauffeur will look to avoid traffic jams, using online traffic information to minimise hold-ups to your journey.

The other major benefit, is there’s no need to make payments at the end of each journey. A monthly account will detail all journeys and costs, and can be paid all together; should clients need to be billed separately for their airport trips, no problem as a payment can be taken in advance, or after the event, using their credit card details. Everything is set up to ensure the time and trouble saved makes a chauffeur car account a business essential that is absolutely worth every penny.

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