Travel in luxury with the Range Rover Autobiography

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Travel in luxury with the Range Rover Autobiography

Range Rover Autobiography

Those in the know, are already familiar with the benefits of using our London chauffeur car service. For many business travel situations, whether attending a day of meetings in the city or across the country, or getting to or from the airport on time, it can be the most efficient transport choice, especially in our Range Rover Autobiography.

It is also worth taking time to consider the appropriate vehicle to travel in, depending on where you are going, and the impression you want to make. Arriving in style can sometimes help ensure you make the right first impression, whether that is important in a business context, or in a social setting such as a wedding or other important occasion.

For this reason, AA Chauffeurs maintains a varied fleet of vehicles, alongside the more frequently used Mercedes executive luxury cars. And one vehicle that makes an impression, and can be requested for a range of journeys, is the luxury Range Rover Autobiography. This particular model has a subtly extended wheelbase that gives passengers more back seat legroom, while retaining its proportions and style that means – if you need it – an unparalleled performance when road conditions are less than smooth.

The Range Rover Autobiography is ideal for making an impact, wherever you are arriving. It is absolutely at home in the city, looking smart and standing out as it pulls up in front of a corporate office or luxury hotel. Alternatively, if you’re heading out into the country, whether visiting sites well off the road, or perhaps travelling to polo or clay pigeon shooting events, then the Range Rover fits in perfectly, being the vehicle of choice for many country types.

You can be sure that it will never get stuck, if your journey requires crossing a field or heading up a muddy track to reach your destination. A Range Rover will get you to remote business locations, with the minimum of fuss.

As you might expect with a Range Rover, you do not need to give anything up, in the way of luxury. The interior of the Range Rover Autobiography is finished in comfortable leather upholstery, while the vehicle’s air conditioning is designed to cope with all types of weather, ensuring you arrive cool and ready to enjoy the rest of your day. The interior can accommodate up to four people, and for two travelling a longer distance, provides plenty of space to stretch out. And, with a supercharged petrol engine up front, you will be sure to travel in quiet style.

It is often selected for weddings, being the ideal vehicle to arrive at a country church. And with its extended wheelbase, the Range Rover
Autobiography has sufficient space in the rear seats to accommodate even the most voluminous of wedding gowns.

If you would like to experience being chauffeured in the Range Rover Autobiography, Call us today on 020 8732 5599 or you can book your London chauffeur or get a quote. You’ll certainly not be disappointed when riding in the ultimate four by four – and you’ll be guaranteed to make an impression that few will forget!

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